Nuestros diseños

Santa Catarina Palopó

Traditionally the huipil was of red background, which was changing in the last decades.

The huipil contains 3 types of elements: figures of animals or plants, geometric patterns that separate the groups of figures and combinations of harmonic colors between the base and the details. These same principles will be those that will be used in the buildings of Santa Catarina.

About the painting process

Santa Catarina Palopó

Painting all the houses will take approximately two and a half years. To make this process efficient, the municipality of Santa Catarina Palopó was divided into 27 sectors and a code was given to each house.

Our offices

The family visits our offices and signs an agreement.

Choice of Design

The family chooses the design and colors for their house.


The family cleans and applies the base paint on all the walls.

Painting supplies

Association staff delivers the necessary paint buckets and supplies

Painting start

The family begins to paint with the help and under the supervision of professional painters.

Santa Catarina Palopó

House design

Each family can choose between painting their house only with the base color or adding

Santa Catarina Palopó

Our colors

The roof and terrace roofs will be painted in B'ajoy color (red tile). The
buildings that have ceramic tile roofs, thatched roofs of that color or
Blades of blue color will not be painted.

The facades will be painted with one of the following base colors. Each neighbor will be able
choose between painting the whole house in one color or painting it with two shades
of the same color. The reason is to maintain a harmonious set in the town,
there is also the option to paint the building in white.

Tuk /

Xar /
Dark blue

Choi /

Raxabaj /
Green stone


Sac'Por /
White corn

Bájoy /

Santa Catarina Palopó

Secondary colours

The colors with which the details can be painted will be chosen with the project promoter to ensure a good combination of the same with the base.

Q'íj /

Juyú /

Ch'upup /

Koj /

Ronxa /

Santa Catarina Palopó

The family chooses figures of nature to decorate its facade.

Palamax / Butterfly
Masat / Deer
Nimaqo'l / Peacock
Si'an / Cat
Awän / Milpa
Q’uq’ / Quetzal
Ixcot / two-headed bird

Geometric patterns

The family chooses between different patterns to decorate their home.

Our painting is ecological!

The process of painting starts from the integration of the Environmental Association G22 to the Project to find, together with the sponsors HORCALSA / Cementos Progreso and Pinturas el Volcán, an ecological painting that will not harm the environment in this entire process of painting the urban area of the city. municipality.

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