The association Painting Change was born with the intention of transforming communities through art and local histories.

This project belongs entirely to the community. The role of the association is to provide support and facilitate the implementation of the project.

The project has been developed under the direction of visionary entrepreneurs who came together to be part of the change, and with the support of local authorities, volunteers and sponsors.
For us Santa Catarina Palopó is only the first step. Our objective is to replicate this model in the rest of the communities near the lake.

Our team

Lidia Cumes
Local Administrative Coordinator
María Sahoon
Promotion girl
María Cristina Lopez Nimacachi
Tourism Promoter / Volunteer
Maynor Lopez Nimacachi
Juan Carlos Pérez
Francisco Cumes
Francisco Nimacachi
Sixto López

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Santa Catarina Palopó

The history behind textiles

The design starts from the idea that Santa Catarina is a large huipil that is drying on the mountain and that connects the lake with the sky of Atitlán.

The design is based on several principles, which must be respected so that the set looks harmonious and that people identify them as Santa Catarina designs.

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