Painting the change

Located in Sololá, to the northeast of Lake Atitlán is located

Santa Catarina Palopó

Santa Catarina Palopó is one of the 19 municipalities of Sololá, Guatemala and it borders part of the Northeastern side of Lake Atitlan. It spans 8 square kilometers and is home to 6,000 inhabitants, most of whom identify as Maya Kakchikel and are under the age of 30.

Due to the demographic growth of the area, the profitability of traditional economic activities such as agriculture and fishing has been reduced to the point of not being a sustainable option for families.

Art as
tool for change

Throughout the world there are towns, communities and neighborhoods that have used art to renew themselves, generate social change and develop economically. In short, art inspires life.

The World Economic Forum has addressed this topic during some of its most recent annual meetings. It has cited reports and surveys that have found that people believe art makes for more integrated and healthier communities. It can be an engine for sustainable progress.

St. Catarina
Our goal. To reach our goal we still need 600 houses to paint.
In Santa Catarina Palopó live 6,000 inhabitants in just 8km2 and we need to help them to achieve their development.
Lack of opportunities
Santa Catarina Palopó is a community with a lack of formal employment. The new ventures with our help are emerging, but we need more.

About the painting process

Painting Change - Santa Catarina Palopó

Painting all the houses will take approximately two and a half years. To make this process efficient, the municipality of Santa Catarina Palopó was divided into 27 sectors and a code was given to each house.

Our offices
The family visits our offices and signs an agreement.
Choice of Design
The family chooses the design and colors for their house.
The family cleans and applies the base paint on all the walls.

Our goal

Painting Change - Santa Catarina Palopó

Homes by the end of 2019

The project has been possible thanks to the support we have received from the community, the local authorities, our board of directors, our partners, sponsors, architects, professional painters and volunteers.

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One gallon of paint


If you can not visit us in Santa Catarina Palopó, you can donate one or more gallons of paint.

1 brush kit


We need brush kits so that our painters, volunteers and families have the right tools.

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Help us attract more tourists to local businesses.

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Painting Change - Santa Catarina Palopó